About the Podcast

Live performance isn’t something that’s always easy to study and understand. Most other forms of art, such as painting or film, stick around for a long time, and we can go and examine them in a museum or on a recording. Theatre, however, is there one moment, gone the next; even if you watch a recording of a performance, it’s not the same as actually being there.

This podcast aims to introduce listeners to the artists, scholars, and archivists who are working to bring the history of performance to life. We hope that, by listening to this show, you’ll learn about exciting new performances, fascinating books, and valuable repositories of knowledge, all of which will help you better understand theatre’s history.

We welcome suggestions and pitches for the show! If you’ve got a topic that you’d like to hear about, or know of an exciting artistic or scholarly project that’s relevant to our listeners’ interests, please contact us at theatrehistory@theatrehistorypodcast.net. You can also connect with us on Twitter at @theaterhistory, and on Facebook @theatrehistory.

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