About Me

Hi, my name’s Mike Lueger. I hold a doctorate and an MA in Drama from Tufts University, where I wrote my dissertation on the phenomenon of celebrity on the antebellum stage. My work has appeared in the Eugene O’Neill Review and the Journal of Religion and Theatre, as well as the upcoming Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater.

Since 2016, I’ve hosted and produced the Theatre History Podcast on howlround.com. I’ve also written for JSTOR Daily, WBUR, and American Theatre, and I regularly review TV and theatre for Critics at Large.

I grew up in Wisconsin and remain a diehard Packers fan, but ever since 2005 I have mostly lived in Massachusetts. I received a double BA in English and Theatre from the College of the Holy Cross in 2007, and it was in that same year that I began dating my wife, a fellow HC grad. We currently live outside of Boston.

For more theatre history facts and images, follow me on Twitter at @theaterhistory and on Facebook as @theatrehistory.

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